The Importance of Trust in the Spiritual Director-Seeker Relationship

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Spiritual effect relying at the Authors

When SSRF did religious research into this subject matter,Guest Posting It divided all authors in four prevalent categories. The categories have been:

A spiritually common author of a e book on a widespread topic
A spiritually average creator of a spiritual e book
A fake religious manual possessed by means of a subtle sorcerer
A Guru / Saint (A spiritual grasp)
Benefit of the e book at the extent of spiritual energy of the e book
The diffused readings are by using His Holiness Dr. Athavale Himself

The first findings are related to the total powerful non secular strength inside the ebook and we measured this with respect to the –

Spiritual electricity within spiritual director the phrases (shabdashakti) themselves,
In the sound (naadshakti) of the words and
The non secular electricity generated because of the impact of the author’s non secular degree on the phrases and their sound.
Publication via a spiritually average individual – Energy of words is two%, electricity of sound is 2%, strength generated due to the impact of the writer’s spiritual level on the words and their sound is 1%. Total powerful energy is 5%

Publication by using a fake guide possessed by means of a diffused sorcerer – Energy of words is 1%, energy of sound is 1%, electricity generated because of the effect of the author’s religious degree at the phrases and their sound is 3% Total powerful strength is five%

Publications by way of a Saint – Energy of phrases is 30%, energy of sound is 30%, power generated due to the impact of the author’s spiritual degree at the words and their sound is 40%. Total powerful electricity is one hundred%

The technique of gaining know-how to write down the book

Publication by a spiritually average person – Spiritual degree of author is 30%. The entity giving know-how is from the 0.33 region of patal. Percentage of truth generically is five%.

Publication by way of a faux manual possessed by using a subtle sorcerer – Spiritual level of writer is 50%. Subtle sorcerer from 4th patal possesses him and writes books through him. Percentage of reality generically is –five%

Publications by way of a Saint – Spiritual stage of writer is one hundred%. Knowledge is obtained first hand from the everyday mind and mind. Percentage of reality generically is 30 – a hundred%

Research method
The three books were placed in front of a seeker of SSRF, Priyanka Lotlikar. She did no longer read the books but together with her particularly superior 6th experience vision determined the books and their numerous components inside the spiritual measurement. Due to the resolveof His Holiness Dr. Athavale, she turned into able to get admission to records from the Universal Mind and Intellect inside the shape of diagrams, i.E. Diffused pix as well as in a written layout. The facts turned into then checked and demonstrated by His Holiness Dr. Athavale. When taking a subtle studying of each class she took a diffused studying of –

a) The effect of the ebook, i.E. The quilt and the inside on the diffused level and